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IMO the government should create a type of license specifically for airsoft. This way, people with it can legally import and then the government would also make revenue through the permit/license and through taxing the imported guns.

Although, I can still see a couple problems with this. People could end up try to smuggle real guns in a large shipment of airsoft guns and the authorities really couldn't tell the difference unless they happen to pick that one up for inspection.

Still, I think that this would be a start and that the airsofting community would actually grow larger. Even with the added cost of the permit.

Permit: $200
Gun: $100
Shipping: $50 (I really don't know how much shipping costs)

Then the current situation:
Gun: $400 through a legal route
THEN: if you want to downgrade it from the freakin 400+fps, you have to buy more parts and those could cost a lot...
AND: you have to then deal with problems created by upgrading the gun and you don't even know if they used high or low quality items. If they used low quality junk, then replacing or upgrading will cost even more...

I don't understand why the government won't just create a firearms license for airsoft. Everybody wins that way!
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