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It has very little to do with law and a lot do do with policy.

I would say read this thread over and over till you understand it.

I would also say avoid putting yourself out as the only person who is "doing anything". That always ends badly for the individual who has decided to save airsoft.

And as has been said before; you can get anything you want in Canada already with either a phone call or email to the right person. I can understand the frustration of seeing $99 guns you can't access that are just South of the border but the reality is that if the policy was suddenly re-interpreted to allow access to those American stores there would be a mass influx of gear to under aged and irresponsible individuals. That would do massive damage to the image of airsoft and at the noose would tighten and it would be the end.

Originally Posted by Aedan798 View Post
I wrote to a MP in my area and ask him to get to representant from airsoft canada (staff people as they are generaly older in experience of airsoft) and ask them what is the sport exactly what law is there for us and what should be done to ensure the sport is in good hands and not some damn kids shooting to prank people out because he is a stupidly unsupervised kid (stupidly apply to the parent who allowed him to shoot other people with his Canadian Tire airsoft)

So I guess I'm the only one to try something because if no one does it well nobody gonna do it ... we can talk for all day long about that but we need to react enough of those day of trying to hide our sport because we though it would be bad for us we need to make a good statement taht we are a big community of responsible player out here and we are looking after ourself pretty good (as they are no crime with airsoft itself other than those little kid)

We need solution and act on them that is what we need now. I don't care that I don't have the money to hire laywer I'll fight for our sport as long as I can do it for our community and I'm sure that there is other people thinking the same thing
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