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Wow...just reading this thread again made me remember this incident that happened to me one day as a couple of my friends and I were walking to Burger King...

Long story short, I have a birth mark on my face that I am attempting to get rid of through the use of laser surgery. This laser surgery requires me to keep my face out of direct sunlight so that it can heal properly each time. Sunscreen alone does not work and will not protect it good enough, so I have to wear a mask every time it is bright and sunny outside.

On this occasion, I was wearing a Domo mask (you may or may not have heard of this Domo, which is something that is/was in trend recently) and was walking with two friends towards Burger King for lunch. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a policeman pulls over and stops in front of us. Asks me why I am wearing a mask and tells me I look suspicious. I then spent 5 minutes explaining this to him. And the thing is that neither me nor my friends looked anything like a typical thug. And cmon, if you just saw a group of 7 people who are obviously students and are wearing backpacks and then 3 more of them behind by 5 meters who are also wearing backpacks, shouldn't it be kind of obvious that it is lunch and people are coming here to eat? The policeman even stated that "for all I know, you could be going in to rob the place". Argh...

All I can say is that people have become WAY too cautious these days. They are basically bubble wrapping the next generation so that they won't break, but that also means they will become even more brittle in the future.

You wouldn't believe how many times a teacher or policeman have stopped me or just pulled the damn mask off and then realize "oh......" after a 5 minute explanation. It's not like I want to wear the damn thing, it's extremely stuffy and starts to smell bad after a week.

Sorry for this rant, I know it's kind of off topic, but it also kind of goes with how people are saying that the newer times have been filled with overcautious rules and people.
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