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Just an update from hearsay, this issue was resolved.
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For good news, head to page 9 by GregT

Hi Everyone,

Brand new to Forum, felt I had to join to discuss this issue. There is another side to this story, on the part of the Paintball field in town that was searched, markers seized and charges laid to the owner.

On Friday, December 2nd, 2011 prior to the police visiting to the local paintball pro-shop Thunder Bay Police exercised a search warrant of a local paintball field that also sells a few markers; the owner was told it was in response to a complaint from a member of the public in regards to a BT Delta Elite that was listed on the online classified ad site

Several Mil-Sim markers were seized, including said Delta Elite, Bravo-1 and a few others. They did leave the rental 98 Customs.

At that time the police served charges against the owner of this paintball field for weapons trafficking, although did not take him into custody. At that time he identified that similar paintball markers are sold by Canadian Tire, and also the pro-shop that where I presume the instigator of this thread is employed.

Approximately four hours later the police returned with the markers (presumably after visiting the other vendors identified) and returned them with apologies.

One thing I did note; I have seen the search warrant and charge papers myself on Sunday, signed by a Justice of the Peace as opposed to an actual Judge.

I really like the guy that runs the local field that I go to (only two up here), and would consider him a friend. I've recommended him to make some noise about this event, letter writing to the Mayor & City Council, MPs, MPPs, etc... and maybe offer to do some public education or media releases.

Has this sort of thing happened elsewhere in the province? I've been stopped at the border, and although they looked hard at me, they treated me very respectfully and it was probably my own fault for not having some more paperwork with me, but for the police to raid a paintball field and charge someone with a fairly serious crime....

Edit: Wow im such an idiot. I didnt read the link in the first post thoroughly. X.x

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