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Originally Posted by White_knight View Post
what a waste of time and money. there are so many real problems they could be spending their time on. bet it was some stupid mom taking their kiddie to a paintball birthday party, sees the "realistic terrorist fully automatic large caliber ak47 death rifle" hanging on the wall then goes to the cops to complain.
I know! What a bunch of sniveling nail biting bed wetters we have in our society! There is always some nose-picking head nodding sociophant passivist from the country club who gets scared every time they leave the house and keeps their thumb on speed-dial 991 and are ready to jump the gun and spring the neuter without a moment of logic or prudence. Because everyone knows how real paintball guns look. I mean really, with that hopper or cyclone and dangerous looking .68 cal barrel, I mean sure it must be just right for a 7.62mm, right? Oh my Gawd maybe its an anti-tank rifle! Children and middle aged men in woods...with (remarkably quiet) anti-tank rifles blowing trees in half and spewing paint all over. A barrel big enough to spit out a rocket. Imagine the carnage a gun like that could cause if it were chambered to fire a live round. Surely its possible, that rugged extruded aluminum lol. That makes complete sense! We need to focus more time, energy and manpower to gun control because its such a problem these days. It's always been a problem. I think I speak on behalf of all the Mercedes and Audi driving latte drinking soccer moms when I say we need to ban guns. All I hear on the tube are reports here in Canada of great big machine guns killing people, and those .68cal anti-tank rifles, true dealers of death and dismay. Something needs to be done before its too late. These are clearly terrorists in training.
Reality check initializing...

"Get on the floor! Get on the Floor! Get on the floor! Get down! Put your hands behind your head, keep your face down! Your under arrest for the use and trafficking of paintball guns for use of making a fucking mess." (hands paintball marker to deputy) "What do you make of this?"
(fondles paintball marker, turning it over slowly in his hands. He peers down the sleek black barrel whilst another swat officer bites one of your sugar cookies on the countertop)
"Looks real steel to me. This is definitely the real thing. No question"
"But officer, its a paintba....."
"Get on the floor! Get on the floor and keep quiet! Anything you say or do can and will be used against you to the fullest extend possible in a Court of Law where truth and justice will be served according to a hundred year old system so sayeth the lord jeebus of latter day saints! You will be able to contact a lawyer whom will speak on your behalf. If you cannot afford a lawyer we will assign the dumbest fuck we can locate on the face of mother earth."
(Suit appears)
"Thank you officers. I couldn't even go down the street without my illegal flak jacket anymore. And there was frigging body parts strewn across the lawn not yesterday morning. I'll admit it was small, and my neighbor claims it was a squirrel that the dog chewed up like a gummy bear but there's no fooling me. I feel safer now that you nabbed those paintballers"

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