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Originally Posted by cleveland33 View Post
I currently live in hamilton, and was wondering where i could play airsoft in the summer. I have the guns, though i am 15. I've played in several tournaments in other provinces and was wondering if there was an age limit here. Is there any way i could get a parental waiver?
Now for a helpful post from me... Couldn't help myself.

There are pretty amazing and quite large games being held in your area very regularly, which my crew and myself have been coming down from Toronto to attend. Great people, great fields. Hamilton is kind of a hotspot for good games in the GTA right now.

Having said that, you're in a kind of bind for two reasons:

1) You're 15 so you'll need to essentially strap your parents to your tactical vest for the moment and hope that the game organizers really like what they see in terms of maturity and following the rules. Your chances of getting respect are very high if you come with the appropriate safety gear (goggles, face mask in particular -- a paintball mask is perfect), and above all, call your hits like your life depends on it.

2) It's the winter season which means the games going on right now in Hamilton are a bit more focused on hardcore players and have generally shifted to being more invitational lately. This is generally because the organizers are volunteering their time (after field rental costs and "free" food costs there ain't much if any profit) and do not want to also serve as a baby-sitting service. Players who show up really need to be on their extra-honourable behaviour at all times or they get kicked to the curb.

My advice is that none of these two things should stop you from trying to attend so as long as you can dig that we're looking for seriously mature and responsible players. You don't need to be hardcore and have an expensive gun or gear, just the right attitude.

I personally can't tell you who to contact since it requires AV, but perhaps one of the organizers, who has children around your age, could be watching this thread...
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