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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Looking at most rulesets for the majority of games posted here I see a rule that forbids "blind fire"

does this mean that suppressing fire laid in to the position of enemy designed to keep their heads down is not allowed?

Do you need to be able to see a target to fire at it? Is it ok to fire into the area known to harbour targets, even if at that particular moment you can't "see" them?

I wonder this.. because it is difficult to win a firefight if you are not allowed to have one.

It really depends on who you're playing with.
At public games with hicaps, blind fire is just a bad scene, because plenty of people could literally dump thousands of rounds out.
If it's a private game, and we're not each carrying a platoon's worth of ammo, then I personally don't mind it. There is still a safety issue if someone pokes a gun around a corner unknowingly into someone's face (and it does get quite CQ sometimes), but if you play with people you know and trust, even that's not a big deal.

However, I beleive you can only really entertain the idea at private games of some kind. Publically, for safety reasons, it's out of the question. There are already plenty of players how can't restrain themselves under regular circumstances (dumping a mag into an opponent at point blank), that permitting blind fire would just be a disaster.

I might be repeating what's in the thread, just my 2 cents.
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