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Need a Little help. I am new to the forums

I have been looking around on here for a parts wanted thread but you do not have one. You do however have guns wanted and is not what I need, I am posting this to see if i can find info on local places or people i can pick up the parts i needs. I do not need or want them new. If I wanted them new I know I could buy them from one of many retailers on here.

v3 mech-box (gear-box) ether complete or just the housing. does not need to be complete or working. I cracked mine well moving. A dresser fell on my aeg during the moving and pierced the hard-shell case and cracked the receiver and mech-box.

I also need low-cap ak47-ak74 mags of the stars brand or similar.

I am 25 so being of age is not an issue and I also have my pal, restricted and non-restricted so firearm safety knowledge I have.

Thanks hope to find help soon.
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