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There is a dealer with KA M4's for 299 in canada.. i went to test them out and man there sick especially at a clean $299 each.... BUUUTTTTTT i went looking for two guns a mp5(all time fav), a m4or36 and I was eyeing Cotinni thread for some time for a nice peice of side arm.

Someobody brought there PTW gun in to verify if some RIS Lite rail thing handguard would fit and I got to play with it for a little bit. I didnt get to shoot it but I held it dropped in mag..shouldered it..slung it.. very comfortable weight wise similar to my tippman x7 marker when it all all the metal accessories on it.

I dunno it just felt "right." Strong like bull...

My going out budget for the next 4 months is done LOL :P I ended up buying a Systema m4 and tw5 ....i couldnt decide on one....i tried honestly..i failed. Good news is i wont get the bill till end of Jan...couple with whatever i spend when i party on new years I'mma be puhiiissseeedd LOL :P
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