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Airsoft Christmas Song

Inspired by the spirit of christmas and to many beers, I wrote a little song for everyone hope you like it, Feel free to add your personal touch!


To the tune of Jingle Bells

Dashing through the woods
Stalking the enemy
Through the swamp we go
Laughing all the way.
Grenades at the ready BB fall around me, I called my hit, stop shooting me!
What fun it is to hide and seek,
A squad will wipe today.

Shoot to kill, Spray and pray
Shoot a whole mag away,
Oh what fun it is to play
With my team in the woods, O

Shoot to kill, Call your hits,
The respawn is that way!
Oh what fun it is to play
With my team in CQB all day!

O A day or two ago
I thought We'd take a trip
And soon my whole team
Was seated by my side;

The game was long and hard
Misfeed part of the day,
We ran into a trap
And there we just got wiped.

After a few respawns
The story I must tell
We went out on the field
Intent on our revenge;

A gent was hiding near
Camping near the respawn
He laughed at me as
I hid behind a tree
But quickly ran away.
Now the ground is full of bbs,
Go it while you're young,
And let fly a few BBs.
Just come with us to play,
Chrono 400 tops,
Spray til he calls his hits!
You'll take the lead away!
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