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Talking My introduction

Hello ASC, Im a new member to the more official side of airsoft. My Name is Chris and I live in the Eastern Townships in Quebec where I have lived for the past 17 years! I am currently 17, will be turning 18 in may, looking forward to play at official Airsoft Games.

I have some history with firearms and Airsoft guns, I started playing airsoft when I was 11 with Walmart Clearsofts with buddy's from school and have been playing since, althought my armoury has expanded quite a bit since. I know own 3 rather high End airsoft guns, including a KWA SR10, a Modified UTG MK96, and a half completed M24 Project ( the m24 is gonna be my little baby I have over 600$ put into it so far, missing a couple parts and gonna start doing tests. Ive got a buddy in the states that has put the same setup together with a 600 FPS spring and hes shooting targets at 400 feet!, Dont worry my rifle isnt gonna be that hot!)

My father has brought me hunting with him ever since I was litle and have actualy had the chance to kill a couple deer ( I now have a minors licence) Some things like to think i have is patients, cunning, and being as quiet as possible out on the field!

As you guys may have guessed Im more of recon type and prefer to help my team not get killed then to be a 1 man army guy with the soul intention of killing the entire other team hidden at my base. Im looking forward to passing the sniper course that apperently you must pass to play a BASR in ASC games!

In may when I turn 18 I will be getting my age verified and get that sniper course! Hope to see you guys out on the field next summer!
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