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I'm building my monster of an XJ into a viable airsoft vehicle. I was originally going to paint the entire thing Cadpat, but with the amount of actual 4 wheeling I do I'm just going to be keeping it olive green. The Krylon Camoflage olive paint works very well for this, and it's $6 a can at Canadian Tire. Makes for easy scratch repair too. As for paint stripping, the best way is either wire wheeling or sandblasting. You'll have to put a coat of primer on afterwards before the olive drab. The pintle mount looks like this: but of course these don't grow on trees, and are usually expensive at surplus stores if they can be found at all. This page has good pictures of a proper pintle mount that you should be able to use to fab one on your own. I'll be adding one of these pintle mounts to the external roll cage on my XJ. The nice thing about this mount is that it holds the narrow 5.56/9mm ammo box, so I'll be modding one up at the same time to feed ammo into the 249. The mount on the site will accomodate either the 249 or M60.
One thing to note are the little symbols on the windows/windshield of your car. In one corner you'll find some info on the forming of the glass. It's usually smaller than the size of a quarter and printed in a brownish or white embossing. In there somewhere will be a little circle or square marked 'Saf T Glass' or similar. Cover this up with something that will absorb impact. A piece of tissue covered with tape will work fine. If you tap this little circular area, it will cause the window to shatter, which will leave broken glass everywhere, and the vehicle owner with a hefty repair bill. BB's can find this little area in their sleep...
For those of you with Jeeps who fold the front windshield down, be aware of 2 things: First, the stock Jeep hinges love to freeze in the down position. I've seen more than one Jeep owner bend his windshield bracket or even break the glass trying to hamfist his windshield back up. Give 'em a squirt of lubricant before you fold them down. Secondly, have a stick or something mounted to the bumper sticking straight upward, to protect you in case you run across a wire or large tree branches. Trust me, they always aim for the throat and can be very uncomfortable, even at 10km/h...
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