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Originally Posted by Summers1000 View Post
With regards to the G&P, is the battery for the gearbox kept in the stock or is it in the box mag (and also powers the mag)?
The battery for the gun is in the box mag, and the connection runs through the mag well. Of course it's got a deans connector right where the mag well is so you can quickly detach the whole thing. Although I'm not sure about the full stock versions, I don't think we have a full stock G&P in manitoba actually lol
It uses a separate 9v battery to run the loading mechanism, but I found them underpowered to keep up above 1200rpm, and they kept dying. So I hooked mine directly to my 11.1v LiPo.

The two principles are that if you have a para stock, you'll still have room for a large battery. And if you're using NiCd batteries from 5 years ago, they only had enough juice to last 2500 rounds, so you change batteries when you change boxes. Kind of irrelevant with today's batteries, but it's extra redundancy.

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