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Originally Posted by frackz View Post
airsoft not marker lol.

out of curiosity I have been looking through the event and find there very sproadic and well they are actualyl "events."

So airsoft is not as mainstream as paintball then in ontario? Guessing there is no where to go play when you really want to.. its more of keep a look out to someone to host or cater to the airsoft crowd?
Originally Posted by Kozzie View Post
Where do you live? Even now in the off season you should be able to find a game every weekend.
Originally Posted by frackz View Post
427 and Finch area (Etobicoke)
These places have "Open Airsoft Nights" they're more like pick-up games and short skirmishes rather than structured scenario based games or milsims. Which may be what you're used to with paintball, can be fun if thats what you're into. Keep an eye out in the events section for milsims and scenario based games IMO those are the best games. They're what makes airsoft so much better that paintball.

Paintball City has airsoft every Saturday night 7pm-12

Sgt. Splatters Every Sunday night from 7pm-12

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