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Originally Posted by Bizon View Post
Well, I'm looking to buy a support gun and was wondering what you people recommend. The guns I'm looking at are the A&K m249s, A&K mk43, as well as the CA M249s. Now I've done lots of research in various different forums so no need to redirect me to google search :P I want to here your thoughts on the beasts you OWN or have worked on. So far the CA has got my attention specifically these 2...
as well as...
Ones a 8mm gearbox the other is 7mm.Another newbie question I have is do the CA's come with rusted adjustment knobs on the rear sight if so how would i go about removing it?

*Please, no "GET G&P" comments*
Try the Echo1 M240B they are literally trigger happy replica very sturdy yet not too heavy and mated with a madbull python 650mm barrel you'll out range most guns on the field, if 249 is to your liking then the CA is not bad (better than your A&K), the body is very sturdy and quite robust internal could be better but reliable enough to start with, for light weight may I suggest the G&P MK23 Stoner it's different from the rest of the SMG/LMG choices. The Ares stoner LMG looks good but have not played around with it yet to be able to give you suggestion for it.
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