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Originally Posted by FreelancerInc View Post
there are mp5 ptws, they are fairly rare and discontinued so parts/upgrades are even harder to find, we have one on our team and it does very well against longer guns.

i may come across as a ptw pusher but its personal prefrence and you need to way the pros and cons to make your own decision. like i mentioned there are alot of opinions on both and so there is also alot of threads about both. i tell every "new" player the same read and read some more. this is my first year in the sport and i spend 3-4 hours a day on these forums and others just reading threads about everything.
I'm sorry but where are you getting your information?

Originally Posted by frackz View Post
I have read all the threads on laws regardng importation.

I have question when it comes to accessories..example PTW mags are found much cheaper abroad....Do things like mags often get confiscated at the border?
Read them again, and again, and again. and again, then get verified.
Mags don't get confiscated unless there are fake rounds.
there was a list somewhere of legal import items
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