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Originally Posted by Tankdude
I upgraded my aeg for two reasons.

1) So I can shoot .25's like I do .2. This was done so I could shoot thru bushes and foilage easier and for better accuracy.

2) The extra range with .2 gives me a little advantage over people with stock guns. When they think they are out of range their not! I see there bb's coming and fall 15 feet on the ground ahead of me. I fire back and get a hit.

I just like knowing that if I see someone at 150feet behind a fir tree I can hit them. But this is just me.

The best advice I can give to the new players who ask about upgrading is to keep their guns stock. Less wear, less tear and has better re-sale value.
This is my reasoning as well. I got fed up with seeing .2g BBs bouncing off dead grass and stuff even 50ft away with my stock MP5, so I upgraded with a PDI 150% spring, got me to about 360fps without hop up. Since the first game this year all we had access to was .2g BBs, had to make due with it and even after upgrading, .2g BBs are STILL just .2g BBs!!! Didn't seem to matter what speed they were going, it still took me a few bursts to get even just a couple through to get a hit. This is something I tell newish players that want their AEG upgraded, to switch to .25g immediately, then upgrade after to get them there faster. I found that .25g was a learning curve for me, since I was "learned" to use a lot of .2g BBs to get through brush, and had to UN-LEARN that bad habit when I switched to .25g. Only takes a fast burst for me now, if it even needs a burst. Most recent game at the Foxden (rep for being mostly thick ass'd brush) was a WW2 style game, each team was allowed two support guys that could use full auto, everyone else had to use semi auto only. I got lots of kills shooting through real thick brush with the set up I have now, some of them only took one round! Is a great way to learn gun control, as well as BB characteristics, shooting only on semi.
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