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Made a substantial "Merry Xmas to me" order with Huang on Monday - supposed to be Expedited Parcel shipped to my doorstep.

Noticed last night before heading to bed (tuesday), that it appeared on the online tracking app to be hitting my door in the morning. Got up early enough, and waited with my first cuppa for it to show. Checked the tracking app after about my third cuppa, at about 11:15am, and it indicated that it was successfully delivered at 10:46am.


Nothing at the door. No knock/rung doorbell at 10:46am (house was dead quiet). No packages lying in/around/outside my doorstep (i'm in a condo complex - but VERY quiet/little traffic). Call the CP number for inquiries. "Oh sir, it's probably a mis-scan. He probably scanned the wrong parcel on the truck and didn't cancel it - if it doesn't show up by this early evening, open up a ticket".

I opened up a ticket online before "early evening", thanks.

I can only hope that it was indeed a mis-scan on-truck, rather than a thefted/plundered parcel worth $500.00, but with only $100.00 insurance as applied by sender. Regardless of the outcome, i'm pissed.

Mail-man is gonna get ambushed tomorrow morning.
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