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Originally Posted by NightJoker View Post
oh , the current WE m4/hk416 is gen. 4 ? i thought it was a 3

and m102404, i would assume u got a hands on on the latest WE m4/hk416 variants ? if so, mind confirming about the internal qualities as well ?
im aware of the RA tech steel trigger , bolt , etc etc ( upgrade / replacement ) , but i wana know stock wise, from you personally, good or bad
I lost track really...I call the current stock, out of the box Open Bolt M4 the 4th Gen.

I'm not sure how many gen's of the 416 they made though. Solid builds though...very nice. All the current rage with the Osama-killers.

Re. the internals of the current M4 series...the main part that broke way back when was beefed up and put in stock a gen ago, and is kept in the current gen.

Some guys have said that the hammer roller seizes up...

I've had the pin of a striker fall out...I just replaced it with another pin and glued it in place.

NONE of the guys I know have broken hammers/knockers/safeties with regular-aggressive use.

All in all...I'd rate the out of the box internals very sufficient.

Re. the open bolt specifically...the hopup rubber/inner barrel is very loose in the chamber. A quick easy fix is to put three wrappings of thin plumbers tape around the inner where the hopup chamber grabs it and it'll snug it right up. Using a small o-ring to wedge around/inbetween the inner and the outer barrel does most awesome things for accuracy as well.
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