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Calling all CF members

Hey everyone. I am looking for a count of Reg, Res, and Retired/released members who currently are into airsoft. I say into because I want to include playing and collecting together. I am not looking for any detailed or personnal information just a good solid number. Why do I want this info you ask? It is because I am going to try and convince the CFB Edmonton base Commander to give the Edmonton Airsoft Regiment access to one of the training areas/facilties on the base. The reason I need CF numbers is to show that there is an interest in the CF and that if I have to form a club on base to gain the access I want that I will have a the numbers and support to do so.

Also I am reaching out to any CF Member (or anybody for that matter) who has played in or knows about any airsoft games played on any CF base or training area so that I have a precendence to present as well. Any info is welcome.

When I have my meeting with "The Man" I want to be able to counter any reason he might have to say "NO".
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