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Originally Posted by NightJoker View Post
hi , been looking through the forums for hours ( perhaps not long enough ? ) , and cant find the info's i needed exactly.

its some sort of debate between the 2 platforms, im trying not to make it sound like a xxx vs xxx thread , but airsoft dont come by as easy in my place as of now , so im trying not to screw up my first gbbr and end up being a wallhanger anytime too soon.

1. ok, so far im leaning towards kjw m4 because its said to be a better ootb m4, with that said it doesnt need alot of mods or upgrades ( from what i've seen in forums / comments in the past week ) , when compared to we m4/hk416 ( correct me if im wrong ) .
2. and secondly the WE mags are said to have a higher chance of leaking ( perhaps due to poor maintenance? i rmb seeing this somewhere, cant rmb for now ) , is this true ? Because if its only due to poor maintenance wise , i can rule this out when i do my own comparison.

3. Oh and to addon, what type of 1 point sling mounts can i equip on the kjw m4 and the we m4/hk416 ?
3-a. i've read that the kjw buffer tube being one of size, so it needs some modifications to be done to fit a sling mount where the buffer meets the receiver.
3-b. what about the WE platform ? are their buffer compatible with the so-called ,commercial / retractable m4 stock ? or is there a certain modding like kjw ones.

thank you for ur time and sorry if i offended any of u guys in any ways possible. comments are related to the WE system...

1. Mixed reports....some guys run them stock with no issues, others seem to "need" every fix under the sun just to keep them shooting. There have been several "generations" of these sure to filter out info for the more recent generations. There A LOT of info already compiled on these things...a lot of it is "old" info though.

Myself...I have no hesitation in picking up a WE Gen 4 Open Bolt rifle. Rifle to rifle they've been markedly consistent in build quality.

2. True. Inherent design flaw. Well documented fix...depends on what it's worth to you (i.e. balance off other pros/cons). NOTE...the new VN style 20rnd mags look near bomb proof.

3. Re. WE...LOTS of real steel and airsoft parts fit no-probs.

Additional notes:
* resealing a mag costs about $10/tube of sealant....about 10min/mag (clean/prep/seal)...and 24hrs of waiting for the sealant to set. Then they are essentially done permanently.

* game what your buddies game...if they're shooting KJW then you should too...if they're shooting WE then you should too...same for Magna systems, etc... Trading off mags, parts, help, etc...go a long, long way.

* have a reliable way of adjusting FPS if your fields require that. The NPAS system for the WE's works.

* if you're going to mod the gun with different grips/rails/stocks/etc/etc/etc and field it....I'd go WE for parts compatibility.
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