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while I understand those with concerns about their "rights" .. however if you are pulled over by a cop, they have some form of a rhyme or reason to have gone out of their way to stop your vehicle... and probable cause comes into play

the question "do you have weapons/firearms/etc in your vehicle" has fuck all to do with YOUR rights and more to do with THEIR rights to safety. if you answer yes, the officer is making sure HIS rights to safety are in check ... no different then someone else checking a ladder or car lift for proper function before using it..

and I seem to remember something in the Firearms licensing (forgive me it's been years since I was licensed it was still an FAC then lol ) that if an officer of law enforcement asks to view your license, paperwork, firearm. etc you are legally obligated to ablidge them..

it's the same as a vehicle license .. it's a PRIVILAGE not a RIGHT in Canada...
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