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Originally Posted by RUSTSPOT View Post
Thats just wrongful thinking. If they get prove I have something to hide they can go right ahead and get a warrant. Giving in time over time as they request searches is gonna turn this country into a police state. I wouldnt let them in my car as I wouldn't let them go in my house. I don't disagree do-as-they-say is gonna get you off on your way faster. But that's just gonna encourage them to pull more of these unlawful searches.
They have a hard enough job to attend to and the last thing they need is a smartass, put yourself in their position. I respect the man behind those uniforms and if I can make their life a little easier by cooperating why not? violating my rights? are you kidding? As far as dealing with cops a simple polite yes or no will be sufficient unfortunately some people tend to get mouthy and technical after watching a few episodes of CSI, I've seen a few here outside my work that definitely need to get their rights violated (at least if I'm the responding officer) fortunately the men/women in blue that often respond to these disturbance by these shitheads are a lot calmer.
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