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Originally Posted by RUSTSPOT View Post
Thats just wrongful thinking. If they get prove I have something to hide they can go right ahead and get a warrant. Giving in time over time as they request searches is gonna turn this country into a police state. I wouldnt let them in my car as I wouldn't let them go in my house. I don't disagree do-as-they-say is gonna get you off on your way faster. But that's just gonna encourage them to pull more of these unlawful searches.
If a Police officer stopped me, I have to presume there is a reason..

Cops don't just stop people for something to do.. they are humans same as me and intrinsically lazy .. They do things for reasons

I have no reason not to answer simple questions.. The cop is just doing his job, and getting all up in his face about "my rights" is not going to help anyone..least of all me.

I agree that it's a fine line.. and I'd be the first to protest if I felt there was any hint of harassment, or if I felt the officer went too far.

Police are naturally suspicious, allaying suspicion, not increasing it is an effective means for a positive interaction with LE
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