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Speaking from experience here, be truthfull to the cops ie. eons ago my team got pull over from our way to the wasaga beach field (the first one by the water tower) there was a Top M60 E3 that was not in the case (too long) and fake dummy rounds attached to it, anyways when asked as to where our destinations we replied wasaga beach paintball, he then questioned us whether we have any fire arms in the car, our reply was No but there are realistic looking air rifles, needless to say we were asked to keep our hands on top of our heads and in plain sight. His partner and others proceed to check the entire car and asked two of us to empty the car of all rifle cases, with hand on their pistol we remove everything and proceed to inform the police of what airsoft is.
To keep it nice and short we were detained until a sergeant determined that we are not carrying real firearms and released us with a warning for the speeding and the open M60E3 (we ask larry to provide us with garbage bag on the way home) the point is as long as it's in a locked case out of sight and reach you are GTG and for fuck sakes don't lie about it.

FYI two years later I was involve in a roll over going to wasaga on hwy 89 with my buddy Gump while in the ambulance both of us pleaded to teh medic to bring the cop to us so that we can tell him about the 12 soft rifle cases in my trunk, that way when they flip my car over they wont be surprised.

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