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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

it is a simple inquiry .. and warrants a simple response.

Anyone who holds to the belief that a firearm is not a weapon from the perception of police is fooling themselves.

Obfuscating with lawful questions of police will do nothing but provide probable cause for a legal search while you sit on the curb handcuffed.

The Correct answer is I have no firearms in the vehicle.

When the officer asks whats in the case?

Again a direct answer. An airsoft gun.

When the inevitable "Can I see it?" gets asked .. The answer is again Direct.

Of course.

And you will find yourself on your way in minutes, after having educated a police officer about airsoft guns.. No call to a lawyer is required..or necessary

Of course you can tell them to "stuff it" and to get a warrant.. and you can wait on the roadside for 3 hours while they do that.. it is your right.
alright thanks brian good adivce as always!
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Live and die on this day
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