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Originally Posted by RUSTSPOT View Post
No. I don't think you have to say anything about what u have. And air rifle is not a weapon. They are pretty clear on what u can or can't have. Weapons is a big no no. Since a bat could be a weapon. A hammer could be a weapon. If u admit you got "weapons" means u are carrying prohibit devices. And unless they have a search warrant. Don't let them look inside your car. Nor do u have to tell them what's in the trunk. If they ensist a search. Walk out of the car and lock the car then call a lawyer.

This has been frequently brought up on gun forum. Even real guns are not weapon. If you admit your firearms or air gun ( or your tactical spork) are weapons. They might hold you in for trouble.
as far as i know i wouldnt even have to call a lawyer. just say i do not consent to a search they should then be sent on their way after that unless they send in for a warrent. this is again as far as i know/ have heard.
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