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I'm sure it's been mentioned... but it really seems that you need to pick WHICH pistol you want... then pick the best manufact as each pistol make seems to have a king brand
(please keep in mind that what I am posting below is a mixture of opinion and general research)

hi capa - TM
1911 - TM bone stock, WA full metal
glock - G17 TM, G19 KWA/KSC, G18 .. TM and KSC seem to be tied
M9 - KJW seems to be king at the moment
Desert eagle - TM TM TM TM TM TM TM TM... did I say TM?

... buy what you want in a pistol BONE STOCK ... seriously ... if you want a full metal pistol.. buy one stock full metal.

the last bit is .. decide what you want out of a pistol... if you just want a full metal pretty shiney pistol to leave in your holster and look the part, and don't ever intend to pull and use it ... get a WE ...

personally for me, what ever sits on my hip, I have to know that at any point I can pull it and stay in the fight no ifs or buts ... I carry 1 or 2 TM desert eagles... and I can stay toe to toe with 95% of the weapons I come across on the field, for distance and accuracy, ROF I fall a bit short, but that's why I sometimes carry 2, but that's generally only if I go into the field pistols only

pistol choice is just a varied as rifle choice... decide what you want, what you want it for, and then look at what your options are.
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