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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Honestly I don't think G&G is that bad. It's replaced classic army as the golden standard, and IMO it's BETTER than classic army.
In the last few years they really upped their game. Their mechboxes are and were always TM spec, unlike classic army which is just slightly off spec.
Their bodies are decent quality and highly compatible.
And their internals are pretty comparable to CA standard as far as reliability, but like I said, TM spec so super easy to upgrade.

I wouldn't get any blowback models, but their standard stuff makes for good starter guns.
Also +1 to king arms, they're also quite good.

I could not disagree with that more. I think G&G has just flooded the market so people have come to accept it as the new level of quality. While true that are " not that bad" that are not that good either.

You can polish a turd but its still a piece of shit. There are many better options for the same price as a G&G.
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