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+1 to that.
If you're looking at team radio's there are a few things to consider;
1) Learn how to talk on a radio. Nobody wants noobs spamming useless information on radios, it's highly disruptive to the people who actually know what they're doing, and it's just plain inconsiderate.
2) Get something UHF or GMRS, so you can talk to everyone else who uses radios in airsoft.
3) Get a radio that matches your needs. If you're playing in large fields, you may need a 4 watt radio. If your scrimming in 10 acre fields, a motorola GMRS will be just fine. Are you playing in the rain? Do you need waterproof radios?
4) Pay attention to what kind of headset port it has. Motorola 1 or 2 pin, kenwood 2 pin, etc
5) Learn how to USE your radio. And remember that sub-channels only filter what YOU hear, they don't necessarily code the frequency so that nobody else can hear it.
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