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Originally Posted by sgt.oo7 View Post
also i have contacted my local OPP and local police and have gotten them involved in airsoft awarness to help our movment to legalize the sport and no more hiding in forsaid "gray zones of the law"
Okay, you're on here asking questions about the legality of airsoft, how they're being imported, etc. You yourself admitted you don't know anything about it.

While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the sport, I think you're far from being in an ideal situation to be contacting LE to "promote" airsoft and its legalization (which you clearly aren't up to speed about).

My advice to you is stop before you unintentionally cause more harm than good.

Also, if your dad is kind enough to let you live under his roof then you should respect his wishes. Its a two year course, you can wait two years. That's part of what being mature is all about.
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