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Element's new products?

Hi, everybody! I've come into contact with the people of Element, a company that is not only making great accesories available for really low prices, but are already on the same quality-level with the most reputable manufacturers, after only a few years on the market.

Anyway, Element has asked me to skoop around a bit and find out what products players want to own. Products that Element would consider making.

So, I thought we'd do it this way: you want something made, post it here. Ill send a list with everything to Element, in case something interests them already. Afterwards, Ill pick, let's say the 10-20 most doable items and make a poll, to see which ones are really sellable.

Either way, I think this is a great step in the right direction and I hope more manufacturers, especially gun producers, will start listening to the players (as Army did and now we have the Kimber warrior).

My candidates are:

- Surefire X200 (with optional seperate decals for those with trades issues)
- SR-47 conversion kit. This couldnt cost more than 60$ (just the body and hop up chamber)
- Magazine adapter for UMP magazines (.45 cal) for M4s and G36s.
- AK body with low-profile M4 stock adapter for that Mag-K
- Fake double-sided charging handle for the above
- 7.62 mm coversion kit for M249 (just a new feed tray cover, feed tray and heavy barrel would suffice)
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