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Past Experience with GBBR:
Magna System -G&P WOC13 (M4A1 Steel Barrel)
Magna System -Prime DIY M4 GBBR
Magna System -G&P WOC16 (M16A4 Clear Lower)
Escort External Air -Daytonagun AKS74U
Escort External Air -Daytonagun AK74M
WE Open Chamber -WE G39E
WE Open Chamber -WE M4A1 (Still have it)
WE Open Chamber -WE M16A3 (Still have it)

-KJW vs WE can be split into these question

Realistic vs Non-leaking 30 rounder?
Realistic -> WE
Non-Leaking -> KJW

OOTB Reliable or Upgradability to full steel internal (and reliable)
Steel -> WE

Recoil 22lr vs EBB style?
22lr -> WE

Realistic operation, takedown
More realistic -> WE
Less realistic -> KJW

External compatiability
AR-15 & lots of third party -> WE
AEG and some third party ->KJW

I didn't like KJW because of the thermold magazine and the lack of recoil, this is why I have WE M4, M16

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