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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
I moved to a new place in September, opposite end of town from where I am now.
Had great service before.
Now... I usually get a door bell ring and tires zooming off, with my package laying on the front door step.

Not bad if I'm right at home to get it, or a roommate is.. But if I am away for the day, as is everyone else...
Yeah, not really fun to have my package sitting there for awhile.
Yeah this seems to happen when the delivery person either forges a signature or reports that it was delivered or a slip was left, which is a lie.

If you really want to try to stick it to them, take your package inside then report it missing/stolen, well I guess get the sender to.
You didn't sign for it and they didn't deliver it in hand to you, and didn't leave a slip. They might stop after you do that a few times and get all your insurance money back.

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