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Originally Posted by RUSTSPOT View Post
what kinda pussies have the we become....? "real gun looking toys" scare us shitless....
what happen to days of kids playing cops and robbers? this shit is sickening . RCMP officers, go pat yourselves on the back. you save some lives that day.........
I remember at age 13 walking through town with my buddy sporting a .22 cal M16, and my bud with an .22 cal AK going small game hunting . Both those rifles had been purchased for us by our fathers from the old King Sol catalog (I'm sure some of you will remember it!) and were our hunting rifles. At the age of 13, I already had 3 rifles - a 10 shot mag-fed bolt-action .22, a .22 "backpack" semi-auto (pretty much this -, and the most recent being this .22 M16.

On one occasion, we were stopped by one of the local cops. His only question was asking where we were going and commenting that he hoped our guns weren't loaded. We told him we were off rabbit hunting, and showed our empty magazines, stating we'd only load them up when we got into the woods. He wished us good luck on our hunt, told us to be careful with the guns, and was on his merry way.

How times have changed.... Today that would have brought out the SWAT team.

Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
Politics is about the lobbyist. If the airsoft community is complacent things will not go well for us. If we want change then someone has to represent and speak.

As they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."
More like the squeaky wheel gets greased. There's a difference.

Our government and politicians are both very much for sale to the highest bidder. If you want anything and want any lobbying power, you'd better have a truckload of money backing your cause. Otherwise, you can pretty much consider yourself duly ignored.

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