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Originally Posted by RUSTSPOT View Post
what kinda pussies have the we become....? "real gun looking toys" scare us shitless....

what happen to days of kids playing cops and robbers? this shit is sickening . RCMP officers, go pat yourselves on the back. you save some lives that day..........
I hear you loud and clear.

I remember very clearly when I was 9 or so, playing good guys vs. bad guys with my brothers. We were sporting battery powered squirt gun versions of Uzi's and Berettas that looked real enough. Didn't even have the orange tip.

Society has been slowly changing since then. We lose freedoms in exchange for incremental safety. We lose choices because we allow loud-mouthed, lazy-ass soccer moms to push their minority views through the system. If this keeps up, imagine what our society will be like in another 20-30 years? It will be a society where the mere mention of the word "gun" in public will be as punishable as the word "bomb" on an airplane. It will be a society where the soccer mom's will be the propaganda police who are rewarded for snitching on their neighbors. A society of conformists who enjoy, not freedom of expression, but expression under guidelines.

Every time we, as a society, allow the police to get away with stomping on our rights to enjoy our sport, we move closer to the "Big Brother" model of governance. I think it is our duty to speak out against these actions by police. It is our duty to fight policies that chip away at our freedoms. We should make these views public.
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