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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I think there are 2 really distinct schools of though on this, with some overlap.

There are some hardcore realists out there for whom anything that's remotely see-through just won't do. They would prefer own nothing than own something even so heavily tinted that you can't tell from a couple of feet away (which BTW really defeats the purpose of making the receiver see-through in the first place, but whatever...). Even the guys that would otherwise paint their plastic TM receivers or pistols whatever other colour seem to balk at these guns. Whatever floats your boat guys.

Then I think you have a larger group of people who are ok with the idea of tinted receivers, but are flabbergasted that these guns are costing the same or more than the completely opaque versions we've had access to here on ASC for years. For years, people were using the utterly bullshit excuses that our toys cost so much because they were brought in illegally, BFLs were expensive, middlemen had to be paid, etc... Yeah yeah... whatever. Now we're getting reamed for guns that in some cases are inferior quality to the opaque versions (G&G) or the same (KWA, KJW, and now TM) and we're still paying the same ridiculous 2-4x markup over the USD price overseas.

You'll find this last point is what most people have issues with when it comes to Cansoft and the new TM pistols.
Good point, I didn't consider this as part of the overall mix.

I'm kind of in both camps. If the legalities were simpler, my interest in Cansoft would drop, but for the moment I primarily care about gearboxes above all else.

Markup is definitely a bitch, though prices seem to be somewhat compressing lately. Talking to my local retailer, he seems to be genuinely interested in continuing to lower prices wherever he can and I've definitely seen that happening even in the short time I've been watching the market. Their store brand prices dropped dramatically while new mid-range stuff came in at better prices (I'm speaking of the $350 King Arms M4) to fill the gap between the inexpensive stuff and the high-dollar stuff like G&P.

Like you, I'm somewhat internally dismissive of the excuses that we get from the market about markups .. It resembles the excuses we get in other consumer markets.

Nevertheless, I would insist that if the risks and the "heat" felt in this market were lower, prices would drop. Prices would drop even faster if we had free trade of this stuff. This is another reason why I hold up the UK situation in high regard. Their market is better too. If we grew our market and industry through better laws, making that industry illegal would become much more difficult. Governments are loathe to take away jobs through regulation, especially Conservative ones, and these days that seems to be the direction the country is trending.

edit: the defeat and re-defeat of SB798 in California is a prime example of an industry raising awareness en masse to signal to government that there are jobs and income at stake.

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