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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
It's no secret how cansoft stuff is regarded on this site (just look at some of the reactions to the recent arrival of cansoft TM pistols....
I think there are 2 really distinct schools of though on this, with some overlap.

There are some hardcore realists out there for whom anything that's remotely see-through just won't do. They would prefer own nothing than own something even so heavily tinted that you can't tell from a couple of feet away (which BTW really defeats the purpose of making the receiver see-through in the first place, but whatever...). Even the guys that would otherwise paint their plastic TM receivers or pistols whatever other colour seem to balk at these guns. Whatever floats your boat guys.

Then I think you have a larger group of people who are ok with the idea of tinted receivers, but are flabbergasted that these guns are costing the same or more than the completely opaque versions we've had access to here on ASC for years. For years, people were using the utterly bullshit excuses that our toys cost so much because they were brought in illegally, BFLs were expensive, middlemen had to be paid, etc... Yeah yeah... whatever. Now we're getting reamed for guns that in some cases are inferior quality to the opaque versions (G&G) or the same (KWA, KJW, and now TM) and we're still paying the same ridiculous 2-4x markup over the USD price overseas.

You'll find this last point is what most people have issues with when it comes to Cansoft and the new TM pistols.

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