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I highly doubt that you'll find many in the airsoft scene in Canada too willing to put more government control and stricter regulations on what we already have, especially considering in the last few years the airsoft situation in Canada has improved drastically. 3 years ago, all non-clear guns sold in Canada were imported via BFL abuse and sold illegally on the side. Nowadays, we can get a ton of awesome high quality LEGAL AEGs and now seeing quality pistols with tinted frames being readily available.

And look at it this way - even if you have a license, it still doesn't prevent some snoopy neighbour or whatever from calling the cops stating that you've got a machine gun in your house, getting raided, etc. The problem is the general public, not us and our toys.

Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
There's a reason the huge games from the scoutthedoggie videos are happening in Scotland and not in Canada. We need to get legit.
Umm... we are legit. The reason we don't see videos like that here is that we don't have people putting in the effort to do it. There should have been an amazing video that came out of Border Wars II and 2 years later, it never surfaced. We have other large events in Canada all the time. There's just no planned team of videographers and subsequent editors to put things together into a video on the scale of scoutthedoggie. Effort that organizers put into videography and release of said videos is the reason we don't see vids like that here, not because of things being illegal. There is NOTHING illegal about owning and using an airsoft gun in a lawful manner.

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