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Originally Posted by Scouser View Post
Just wondering TPM001 how that applies to legal indoor fields then like xtreme tactics here in winnipeg. They were the first legal indoor airsoft facility in canada if i recall correctly, or one of the first. They wouldnt be able to get insured if they were committing a felony every day.
I'm pretty sure the replica laws apply to the sale and importation. After that, I'm not really sure.

You guys aren't going to want to hear this, but one surefire way out of this mess is the system that the UK has, whereby you can actually apply for a license to own airsoft guns, with a proper ID card and everything. Age minimum 18, Joule/velocity limits are regulated legally, people can sell proper guns without risk of being raided, large and official games happen all the time. British people can order from overseas no problem, and the market is opened up to all sorts of great things.

Isn't that what we want?

There's a reason the huge games from the scoutthedoggie videos are happening in Scotland and not in Canada. We need to get legit.

Like Blackthorne said, this friction between authorities and the sport may be the kernel to the path to where we need to be as a sport. You can't keep airsoft a backwater downlow underground sport forever. Not with the hoarde of teenagers wanting to get a bit more realism out of their Call of Duty habit. Keeping it underground is a great way to ensure it will eventually get squashed.

Some folks don't seem to understand just how super-nuclear the marketing machine for airsoft has gone and how "out of their hands" this situation is now. I politely suggest that we get on top of it.
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