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This goes to show that it is absolutely ignorant for any of us to believe that our sport is immune from the law. Laws are apparently subject to interpretation. And even though you may be in the right, it will cost you tens of thousands in lawyer fees and a huge amount of hassle to prove that you are.

We all walk a fine line. All it takes is a simple change of a spring to turn our uncontrolled firearms (legal) into replica firearms (illegal). Those of us who participate in CQB games where FPS limits are below 400 fps are all guilty of a felony because we play with replica firearms (as the law defines it). The cops can bust in and seize our guns, and unless we can prove they shoot above the threshold defined for uncontrolled firearms (which we won't be able to because we adjusted our guns down to meet field requirements), we will not only never see our guns again, we will also be slapped with criminal charges and land our collective asses in jail.

We play our sport in a legal environment that is arcane and we rely on grey areas for justification and protection from the law. It truly is time for us to once and for all demand some clarity into this sport so that it is no longer grey, but black and white.
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