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Originally Posted by Green Synergy View Post
Luckily I'm in a position of authority within the house- The only one that exceeds my authority happens to be buddy, but gun safety doesn't respect rank. I sent out a message to everybody with the following topics:

- The four laws of gun safety
- CF range protocol
- The use of proper eye protection
- The proper storage of guns
- The importance of safety above all else

So far feedback has been good- The rest of the house supports gun safety, and the topic has been added to the agenda for the next house meeting after the break. I plan on refining the email a bit and pushing it as an amendment to the house constitution/by-laws.

Until then though, if he does anything stupid with the gun again, his gun's magazine will conveniently fall into an obscure nook and cranny somewhere in his room.
Go through whatever politics/process you need to...but at the end of the day, keep it to:
* abide by these rules/conduct...or forfeit deposit and vacate premises within 30day.

Need to tie some sort of monetary hook to it. Also needs a "this is serious" consequence to it.
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