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Mauser Tactical Pro (L96) questions

Hello All,

I'm a veteran paint baller. Decided to try out airsoft. I recently purchased a Mauser Tactical Pro from Velocity Arms in Toronto. I just received my rifle in the mail today.

Got it assembled in no time, however, there were very vague instructions regarding adjustment of the spring for increased velocity.

It stated on the instructions that if my gun has this screw, that i will need to adjust it to utilize the full potential of the rifle.

So i adjusted it slightly and assembled it.

I fired about 60 rounds in my basement (only about 16 ft of range)

It was obviously very accurate.

Because I haven't been to a field with it yet, I know I cannot gauge the range or accuracy of it yet. I'm wondering if anyone can shed some tips/tricks/ or suggestions for me in setting up and maintaining this rifle.

Thanking you all in advance,


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