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Need help finding a railed gas tube for ak 56-2

Hey guys, just ordered a RS type 56-2 and wanted to add a Ultimak railed gas tube. i have seen some clone Ultimaks in airsoft magazines, and on a few forums. I am looking for some help finding one of these Clone ultimak rails, hoping to find it cheaper than the real steel version. any help would be great. Thanks a lot fellas.

Also, I should not have to put this but I am going to because practically every ak thread that i read i see troll purist whining about putting rails on the AK. I get it you love the ak and see it as defiling the ak with rails. So don't put rails on your ak that's fine with me. I'm not trying to redesign the AK, this is MY Ak and i will do with it as I please.

so again, looking for a clone Ultimak rail gas tube for 56-2
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