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In my experience...

Their Hicapas are inferior to the Maruis which they're cloned from. I sold mine, wasn't impressed at all.

Their early 1911s had a design flaw (recoil spring guide was too long) which caused some catastrophic failures and earned them a bad rep: if corrected (and later/current models have fixed the problem) I've found the gun to be an extremely reliable workhorse, although some minor upgrades help (but in all fairness, Marui and other pistols also benefit from these types of upgrades). I've owned several and am very satisfied.

The paint/finish, however, is horrible. So either you'll have a gun that looks like it's seen quite a few fights (that's not a bad thing per se) or you're going to have a re-finishing job on your hands.

Haven't owned their Berettas but from what I've heard (from sources I can trust) they're lackluster at best.

I have one of their M4 GBBRs and so far I like it a lot. Is it the absolute best GBBR out there? Probably not. But for the price it has the best bang for the buck. Again, some upgrades help (or are required, like the NPAS to reduce the velocity) but that's true of most guns.
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