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Anything rifle length is mounted to a quick release on the wall, but chained to a 200 pound radiator when I'm gone for more than a day - To get the chain loose would destroy the reciever. Magazines are removed and the bolt is pulled out if possible.

Pistols as well as all magazines and bolts are locked up in a locker bolted to a brick wall. I'm debating getting a small lockbox for the BBs in case somebody forces their way into the locker- Else if they try and pull it out the wall is coming with it.
loll will work too(my case is i got young children and i don't want they play whit it till they are older and can fallow safety put in case locked and await of eye. This way they don't said ''can we dad can we'' to often loll)

and i agree in fact you should'nt shoot inside even if you have safety glasses. i work in truck repair shop and how many time i grinded a piece of metal whit my safety glasses on and still receive something in eyes. safety glasses help no douth but whit wall you never know if bb will it your eye bi ricochet(a bit extrem but never know)
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