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Roommate and Gun Safety

I'm at my wits end on this one. I live in a student residence with a couple of other guys, all great. While I'm the only major airsofter in the house, I think at least two or three guys have a CT clearsoft springer and they sometimes shoot with me in a makeshift range we set up in a hallway.

I'm used to firearms and follow precautions religiously. The four rules of gun safety come to mind, as well as a ridiculous adherence to the wearing of eye protection. The other guys generally shoot rarely and do follow the majority of rules. One of the guys doesn't, at all.

I walked out into my hallway and found broken glass. Apparently he was shooting beer bottles with his springer, and while some furniture was being stored in the hallway he shot out a picture frame next to a bottle he had placed on a bookcase. A couple of days prior he had shot a roommate running to his car in the packing lot out back. I sometimes will be working in my room when a BB ricochets into my room, nearly hitting me. Turns out he'll decide to shoot using the makeshift range and not tell anyone, or even ask them to close their doors. At one time in the past he fired at anybody who walked past his door.

I've talked to him repeatedly about gun safety. He thinks he's above it because he's the most accurate out of all of us when firing our pistols. I was extremely pissed when he shot the roommate from 20-30 metres in the parking lot- According to him he was aiming for his back, I say if the roommate had turned, stopped, or even slowed then there would be consequences. Shooting someone in a game is one thing- Shooting at me when I'm walking past your door is another.

Any advice on how to deal with this situation? I've already barred him from touching any of my gear or weaponry at all.

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