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Company like BW/XE, Triple canopy, Executive outcomes, ERA, ect.
-MICH2001, Protec helmet
-Button up shirt, Tan/black/grey tshirt
-Mechanics, oakley (not worn much, glued to hands in fire), nomex gloves
-CIRAS, Low-pro armour carrier + CB Chest rig
-5.11 cargos
-Any standard khaki boot

-Beaten up AKs, PKMs, MP5s, or shiny new M4 RIS, or 416s all stock except maybe a PEQ2, and a ACOG, Eotech, or Aimpoint CCO
-Glock, or 226
*No camo, or flags.

Depends what "job" your doing. PSD loadout you would dress more professionally (khaki vest over kydex mag holders, and holster on belt with low-pro carrier underneath.)

Running a MSR you would dress for the job. Helmet, CIRAS, knee, and elbow protection, nomex flight suit.

Most PMC kits look like there inspired by MGS. Black + Tan.
"Just here for the gear"

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