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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
so I'm not sure the potential is even being measured or is well-understood.
It's pretty well understood by some,

lets run some numbers

10$ a foot is a decent cost for warehouse space

lets say we want 20 000 square feet , that is $200 000 a year rent

Utilities for such a space , call it 2000 a month , = 24000 a year

Insurance - 10 000 a year

Employees , 60000 a year

rough total $294000 a year operating costs , that is monthly carry costs of $24500 a month

Lets say we charge $20 a session, that is 1225 session a month , lets say you run every day .

That is 40 sessions a day

So you need on average 40 people a day to play , every day

How do you get to that? .. sessions are time limited , say 1.5 hours of $20

so most people will want to play 3 hours so now you only need 20 people a day to make it run.

that does not sound like much .. but it is..

you could supplement this by renting the facility out for Police training.

and you could add more revenue as well by having a pro shop

Add more with selling snacks and such.

Add more by renting guns and gear

now you have a business, but YOU still have not made any money

for you to draw a reasonable living from this you need another 10 sessions a day,

The killer is start up costs.. to renovate 20000 square feet well .. it's big dollars.

and you would need to be able to reconfigure the space regularly or it would get stale and revenue would suffer..

Now .. carve 4 months time out of the year as no one wants to play indoors when they can go outside.. so you need to earn all that money over 8 months .

During the winter months you would need to be grossing 40 000 a month to make the enterprise worth doing .. that is 67 sessions a day every day of the week

Lets say most people want to play 2 sessions , rent a gun and some gear , and buy a snack while there , so the revenue per player would be on average 20 +20+20+ 5 + 65 - So to make your $40 000 per month you would need about 620 players, Say 30% are repeats. So you need about 430 players to play every month .. carve out the revenue for people with their own guns .. and you are back to 500 players

Basically Every airsofter in the city would need to play at your facility every month at least once to make this work.
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