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Originally Posted by Con3jo View Post
An airsoft-only venue would be extremely hard to keep running, considering the costs of zoning, insurance and all that other stuff...while its an awesome idea/dream, the numbers of airsofters regularly attending would have to be a lot to cover costs. With running a dual facility (paintball/airsoft) its easier to run since paintball is still a lot more popular and well-known, thus more customers.
I'm not debating that it's hard. Every business is a struggle. What's not up for debate is that there are at least several fields in the US that have pulled it off. The US is a big market, but I think the GTA is wealthy and populous enough to do it, assuming the sport continues to grow.

Like Brian says, there are ways to make this happen, it just takes some careful planning, diversification in revenue sources and good marketing. For this reason, my money is on a retailer trying it first, but I could see someone like Brian doing it first too. Or someone like Brian in conjunction with a retailer.

If there was a place with a decent enough setup, I might be willing to pay a fairly substantial annual membership fee. I've only had one person actually survey me on whether I'd be warm to the idea or not, so I'm not sure the potential is even being measured or is well-understood.

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